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Exercise therapy Cesar/mensendieck

Do you want to move freely and without pain? No more neck and shoulder pain during work or discomfort in your hips, knees, and feet while walking? How about a day without headaches?

Perhaps you’ve been searching for a solution to your symptoms on your own, or you’ve been referred by your doctor or someone you know. You’re in the right place; we’re here to assist you and ready to help you achieve pain-free, smooth movement!

Exercise therapy for children (kinderoefentherapie)

Do you want your child to confidently tackle the climbing frame? To enjoy swimming or gym class more, or to learn to write legibly and pain-free? How about feeling comfortable starting a craft project at school because cutting or folding finally comes easily? We’re here to help your child become more motorically skilled, gain self-confidence, and rediscover the joy of movement! Schedule an appointment, and your child can often start within a week.

Sleep Therapy

Do you want to feel happy about going to bed again? To no longer dread sleep, but to approach the night with confidence? To have more energy for yourself, your family, your work, and your friends? To wake up refreshed and energized?

We can help you! Did you know that within 2-6 sessions, we can already teach you how to sleep wonderfully again? Can’t wait to enjoy a full night’s sleep again? Contact us directly. We also offer sleep therapy for babies and young children, children from 7 years old, and teenagers.

Pelvic Exercise Therapy

With pelvic floor issues, you may experience pain in your lower back, SI joints, coccyx, or pubic bone, or you may suffer from incontinence, constipation, etc. Pelvic floor issues are very broad; they can occur during pregnancy, as you age, during adolescence, and even men can experience them.

Do you want to move pain-free again, have control over continence, and be free to go wherever you want? We help you regain control over your own body and movement!

Toddler Gym

At toddler gym, you’ll enjoy jumping, rolling, climbing, catching, aiming, and much more. Under supervision, you’ll playfully work on your motor development. By moving together with your peers, you’ll learn not only how to move but also how to play together, take turns, and ask for help. You can pack that nicely into your backpack for when you go to primary school…

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