Balans in Bewegen is a comprehensive practice for Oefentherapie Cesar/Mensendieck with treatment locations in The Hague, Katwijk/Rijnsburg, and Noordwijk. Additionally, we are present in more than 15 schools in The Hague and Katwijk to assist and support children in motor skills.
In 2022, Beweegwijzer Oefentherapie was acquired by Balans in Bewegen, and starting from January 2024, Beweegwijzer Oefentherapie will also be known as Balans in bewegen.

Through exercise therapy, we help you understand your complaint or issue and teach you how to remedy and/or prevent it. This way, you regain control over your body and life. Whether it’s about moving pain-free, keeping up with gym class, enjoying restful sleep, learning to relax, or managing your pelvic pain, we are here for you.

If we cannot assist you further, we have access to a wonderful network of various professionals who can help you further, or we will refer you back to your general practitioner or other referring party in a timely manner.

Our vision

Love for people, big and small, that’s what drives us. With attention to total health, both physical and mental.

The parent who enjoys the progress their baby makes as it learns to crawl. The laughter of a child when something finally succeeds. The openness of a teenager towards us, surprising even their own mother. The cleaner who can return to work thanks to advice they can apply immediately. The interim manager who can once again stand for the business, both literally and figuratively. The mother who has energy for her children again because she sleeps well.

That is what our practice stands for, love for ordinary people, like you and me.

People who may find it a bit harder or painful to move, and who want to get rid of that. Or those who want to improve their skills to keep up with friends. Or simply want to sleep through the night for once.

Our mission

Every person has the potential to learn. At Balans in Bewegen, you can learn about your body, about exertion and relaxation, and about how to incorporate these into your daily life. As a child, you can learn about your motor skills and how to improve them. Furthermore, our mission is for both young and old to enjoy restful sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning!
Our mission is for all residents of The Hague, Katwijk, Noordwijk, and the surrounding areas to know that they are capable of making changes to their complaints. We believe in the power of every individual; everyone can learn!

The wonderful thing is that we believe in our profession, and it shows. Our enthusiasm often rubs off on you and/or your child. Change may sometimes involve some discomfort, but the end result brings joy. Joy because you can move (pain-free) again, joy because you can keep up with other children in class, joy because you can finally sleep again. Because you are back in balance. We provide you with tailor-made therapy. We ensure that we offer you everything that is possible within our practice. If we cannot assist you further, we will refer you back to your general practitioner or to another therapist or doctor in a timely manner.

The therapists of Balans in Bewegen

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