Rates and reimbursements


Children and adolescents up to 18 years old are entitled to 18 reimbursed treatments from the basic package without excess. After 18 treatments, it may still be possible to use the supplementary package.

Guidance for children with sensory processing issues is not fully covered by health insurance. This includes school visits, an assessment report, or additional parent meetings. Therefore, a fee of €125 per session is invoiced, which cannot be claimed from the health insurer. If you are unable to pay this invoice, please contact Elise. We believe that access to care should be available to everyone and we are happy to explore alternative options to assist your child.

Exercise therapy for adults is covered by the supplementary package. If you are not or insufficiently insured for exercise therapy, you will receive an invoice from us by email at the beginning of the month. In some cases of chronic indications, reimbursement may be available from the basic insurance; please refer to chronic indications for further information.

If your condition appears on the chronic indication list, you are entitled to unlimited reimbursement, although the first 20 treatments must be paid for either out-of-pocket or through supplementary insurance. A referral from a general practitioner or specialist is always required for chronic indications. Please consult with your therapist to determine if you qualify for this.


  • Treatment of oefentherapy Cesar/Mensendieck (including sleep therapy) € 43,50

  • Intake and oefentherapeutic assessment € 75,-

    including reporting

  • Surcharge for home treatment € 17,50
  • Treatment of pelvic floor therapy 53,50
  • Exercise therapy children treatment € 53,50
  • Intake and assessment € 100,-
  • Assessment report for exercise therapy children € 100,-
  • Guidance trajectory for sensory information processing € 125,-

    including report

  • Attendance at Multi-Disciplinary Meeting (MDM) € 75,-

    (online 45 minutes)

  • Group lesson on posture and movement € 60,-

    (per 5 sessions)

  • Toddler Gym € 65,-

    (per 8 sessions)

Prices for workshops available upon request: elise@balansinbewegen.com

Would you like to know if you are eligible for reimbursement from your health insurance? Do you want us to take a look at your insurance policy or do you have questions about our rates? We are happy to assist you.

Treatments that are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged. These cannot be claimed from the health insurance.

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