Sleepingtherapy during pregnancy

Sleeping problems during the pregnancy

Sleeping problems during the pregnancy, unfortunatly very common! You can't lay in your favorite sleepingposition, you retain more fluids and maybe have restless legs or lay awake worrying...

Research shows that 45% of the pregnant women experiences poor sleepquality. Poorer sleepquality increases as the pregnancy progresses, but is most prevalent in the second half of the pregnancy.

Having a good nights sleep is not only promoting your energylevels, but also the well-being of your baby. Research shows that women who sleep well during pregnancy have less chance of a post partum depression.


During the intake we inquire about your general wellbeing, sometimes physical problems can contribute to sleeping problems. We also discuss how your day looks like, the day has a lot of influence on the night! Of course we also inquire about your history with sleeping, what is your experience with sleeping?


The appointments consist of advice, practical implementation and physical exercises to help you relax. When needed we use cognitive behavioral therapy on the subject of sleep to help with the worrying. The goal is to have you sleep soundly again and be able to maintain this yourself with the techniques and information you've learned.


The treatments are insured within the additional insurance (physiotherapy/kinetics therapy).


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