Sleep therapy for baby's

Sleep therapy for baby’s

Sleep is essential for everyone, baby’s included.

Sometimes it’s difficult for a baby to fall asleep. This can have different origins, but alertness and safety play a big roll.

It’s normal for baby’s to wake up during the night, below is a summary of what is expected at a certain age.

0-6 weeks: no regular rythm yet.

6-12 weeks: 16-18 hours of sleep, 4-5 naps during the day

12-24 weeks: 15-18 hours of sleep, 3-4 naps during the day

24-32 weeks: 14-15 hours of sleep, 3 naps during the day

32-52 weeks: 14-15 hours of sleep, 3 naps become 2 over this period of time

The nights are still broken up in pieces, but this will become less when the  baby becomes older.

In the first few months you cannot spoil a baby, including soothing and swaying them to sleep after a hard day or walking in the evening to help them sleep. After 6 months we expect more of a rythm in the sleeping pattern. If the baby is still having trouble falling asleep, you can contact our sleeptherapists.


At the intake we try to get a full view of the pregnancy, delivery and first weeks/months. We ask about the sleeping rythm and the rythm and sensory input during the day and also ask about feeding, crying, growth and general health.


The appointments are mostly focussed on parents. What is your view on sleep, how can you help your baby regulating alertness and how to deal with crying?

We like to give with practical and clear advice that you can implement directly.

Coverage is often from the basic insurance or the  additional package of parents.

Do you have questions or do you want to plan an intake?

You can contact one of our sleeptherapists that also work with baby’s: