Children's sleep therapy

Children's sleep therapy

Children can experience problems with sleeping, just like adults. They start stalling in the evening, come out of bed multiple times, stand next to your bed in the middle of the night or wake up very early.

In 80 percent of children with sleeping problems, it’s not a physiological problem, but sleeping behavior. They for example have trouble with having enough breaks throughout the day, are to alert when they go to bed or have unhelping thoughts about sleeping.


At the intake we’ll look at the child as a whole. How are they feeling, what do typical days look like, what do they think about sleeping and more. We work with a 24-hour cycle, the day has influence on the night.

After the intake we make a goal and a plan together to get your child sleeping again.


The appointments are multifacetted. We look at the sleephygiene, regulation of alertness throughout the day and teach exercises to welcome sleep in the evening. That way most children are sleeping again within 4-6 appointments.

Follow up

Changing behavior is no small feat. Sometimes the sleepingproblems return after a little while. We try to catch this by planning a check-up 6 weeks after the last appointment. Apart from that the traject focusses on helping parents and child to become self-sufficient: they understand how sleep works and know what they can do to start improving the sleep again.

Naturally you’re always welcom if you have questions later on or if sleeping has become an issue again.

Coverage is often from the basic insurance and otherwise the additional insurance of parents.

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