Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain

Pelvic pain can be treated well, also during pregnancy.

Hanneke treats clients with pelvic pain according to the method of Cecile Rost. The treatment is not about fighting pain, but about being able to use your body effectively again. The pain diminishes when your body functions properly again.

You recognize pelvic pain from continuous pain; often sharp, sometimes burning or nagging. The pain is around the pelvis; your tailbone, lower back, pubis, upper legs and groin, and can also radiate to the rest of the legs or up, even to the neck.

During pregnancy, the pelvic pain occurs because your ligaments become looser and weaker during pregnancy. You get smoother connective tissue and muscles. That's a good thing too; it is necessary to enlarge the birth canal during delivery. Due to this instability, the bones around the pelvis can shift slightly from each other and sometimes end up in the wrong position. This 'strange position' in the pelvis results in pain.

Outside of pregnancies, and certainly not uncommonly by men, pelvic pain sometimes develops. This can be caused by hormonal causes, but can also be caused by clumsy stress on your body or by trauma.

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