Vision & Mission


Love for people, big and small, that is what drives us. With attention to health, both physically and mentally. The mother who enjoys the progress that her baby makes on motor skills. A child's smile when something finally succeeds. The openness of an adolescent in front of us, from which his own mother is watching. The cleaning lady who can go back to work thanks to advice that she can apply immediately. The interim manager who can literally and figuratively stand in front of a case. The teacher who can start exercising again after a knee injury.

That is what our practice stands for, love for ordinary people, like you and me. Who sometimes move less easily or with pain and who want to get rid of it. Or who want to improve their skills in order to be able to come along again with friends. 


Every person has opportunities to learn. At Balans in Bewegen you can learn about your body, about burdening and relieving and about how you do that in your daily life. And as a child you can learn about your motor skills and how you can improve them. The good thing is that we believe in our profession, and it shows. Our pleasure often spreads to you and / or your child. Change sometimes require pain, but the end result gives pleasure. You experience relief; for being able to move again (pain-free) and pleasure because you can come along with other children in the class. Because you are back in balance. We help you with customized therapy. We ensure that we offer you everything that is possible within our practice. 

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