Children Age 0-4

Treatment of children up to 4 years of age is a specialization within child exercise therapy. In the first years, children develop and grow fast. Faster than in any other phase of their lives. The child develops from a newborn baby to a toddler who runs around, jumps and climbs on everything. Playfully, it learns the skills it needs for the rest of its life. This usually happens spontaneously and goes well, but sometimes a child falls behind in motor skills development or a baby develops a preferred position.

In these situations, a baby or toddler can benefit from the help of our children's exercise therapists Elise or Annika:

  • lagging behind in the development of rolling around, sitting, crawling, standing, walking;
  • not mooving around smoothly; 
  • take little initiative or are not very inquisitive;
  • an asymmetrical posture (preferred posture);
  • a crooked or flattened head;
  • a high muscle tension (this is often accompanied by overstretching and crying);
  • low muscle tone (a child feels too weak);
  • being anxious and restless;
  • falling over often;
  • unable to break a fall; 

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