Our Method


1. Call or send an email to Balans in Bewegen to make an initial appointment. 2. We look for a possibility in the agenda in the shortest possible timeframe (usually within one week) .3. Take your insurance card with you for the first appointment if you are insured for the therapy (see: rates). If you have received a referral, take it with you.

First appointment

At the first appointment there will be an intake in which your request for help is central. We discuss together what we can do for you. For children, the intake will usually take place with child and parent (s) / caregiver (s). With sensory information processing problems, a parent conversation is often chosen without the presence of the child.

The examination takes place after the intake. Tests are often conducted with sports exercise therapy and child exercise therapy. With exercise therapy, the research will be focused on getting a good picture of your posture and movement pattern.

After the examination, we prepare a clear treatment goal and plan with you and write a report for the doctor and possibly the school or other authorities. Evaluation moments are also included in the treatment plan.

Progress and closure

The number of appointments and the frequency vary greatly. At the pre-planned evaluation moments we will discuss with you whether further therapy is still needed or whether it is possible to phase out. At the end we will again send a report to your doctor and possibly the school or other authorities. Of course it is always possible to come by later for a 'freshening up' treatment or to check your child's motor skills.

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