Sport Exercise Therapy

  • Why do my Achilles tendons always hurt after running?
  • I have an injury and want to be able to practice my sport again as soon as possible.
  • How can I ensure that my shoulder does not bother me while playing volleyball?
  • When I exercise, it always looks so crazy!
  • My parents always say that my back is very bent during hockey.
  • Where are my physical limits?
  • My breathing always runs wild during exercise!
  • I have problems with my motor skills during exercise.

Just a selection of the many questions that our sports exercise therapist is asked in practice. Maiko is an advisor, coach and practitioner in the field of sport and exercise.

Maiko offers tailor-made guidance programs for the starting athlete, the recreational user and the professional athlete. Improving your posture and movement during exercise is central during the treatment. Maiko teaches you to make optimum use of your physical possibilities.

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