Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy

"Good posture is half the battle"

Exercise therapy helps you if you have symptoms that are related to your musculoskeletal system. Do you often have problems with your back and have various therapies not helped enough? Maybe your posture is such that complaints keep coming back. Or do you have problems with your wrist, elbow or neck during work? Perhaps you are burdening your body unconsciously while sitting, which means that you are constantly bothered in different places.

When you visit our remedial therapist you will work together to discover ways to improve your body's stress. You will learn to improve your posture and movement pattern in all facets of daily life. This way you can move (again) without pain and enjoy your daily activities. Exercises are often needed to make your body more flexible or correct, but the emphasis is on practicing and improving daily activities such as standing, sitting, walking, bending over and lifting.

Hanneke specializes in the treatment of pelvic complaints. 

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