Cesar / Mensendieck (children's) exercise therapy for adults is included in the supplementary packages by most health insurers. Balans in Bewegen has contracts with all insurers. The bills are sent directly to your insurance. If you are no longer insured for exercise therapy, the rates of the practice will be applied. In this case you will receive a bill at home.

Children up to the age of 18 receive 18 treatments reimbursed from the basic package. This can most likely be supplemented with reimbursement from the supplementary insurance.

Patients with a condition that appears on the chronic indication list are entitled to unlimited reimbursement whereby the first 20 treatments must be paid for themselves or from the supplementary insurance. A chronic indication always requires a referral from a general practitioner or specialist.

Targeted sports advice is not included in the supplementary packages from the insurers.


Cesar exercise therapy and sports exercise therapy

  • Exercise therapy session in practice (30 min)                                    € 42,50 
  • Intake and remedial therapeutic examination including reporting        € 75,-
  • Surcharge for home treatment                                                         € 17,50

Child exercise therapy

  • Child exercise therapy session                                                          € 52,50 
  • Intake, research and reporting                                                         € 100,-
  • Joining meeting with school and parents (online, 45 minutes)             € 75,-
  • Full examanation report                                                                   € 100,-
  • Traject sensory processing                                                               € 125,-


  • Group lesson posture and movement (60 min) per 5 lessons            € 60,- 
  • Toddler gym (per 8 lessons)                                                           € 65,-

Prices for workshops on request:

Treatments that are not canceled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged.


A referral from the doctor / specialist is not necessary. We do, with your permission, inform the doctor about the course of treatment. For chronic indications, referral from a general practitioner or specialist is necessary.


Transfer payments to account number NL 62 ABNA 0489395872 in the name of M.E. Kramer-den Dulk.