Register at Fit & Fun

What is Fit & Fun?

Fit & Fun is a sports course for children. The children exercise twice a week for the duration of 15 weeks. The sports lesson lasts 1 hour and is under the guidance of a (child) exercise therapist. During the sports lessons various sports are offered to let your child discover which sport suits him / her. In addition, attention is paid to teaching offside activities and healthy nutrition.

As parent (s) / caregivers you are expected to be involved by being present during intake, interim and final evaluation. You are also expected to attend four parent meetings.

Our Goal

The purpose of Fit & Fun is to improve the lifestyle of your overweight or obese child. We strive to ensure that the weight of your child has remained the same or has decreased at the end of the project and that after the project your child will enjoy participating in a sports club or the Duindorp sports garden in The Hague.

For whom?

Children in Duindorp from groups 3 to 8 with overweight or obesity. When participating in Fit & Fun, your child can visit the ADO stadium with the entire group!

Where / when?

The lessons are on Mondays and Thursdays from 15:15 to 16:15 in the sports gardens in Duindorp. The new course starts on February 4th, 2019. (Tesselsestraat 61, 2583 JH The Hague)

More information?

For more information you can contact Eveline van de Ven;
by telephone: 0628310659
or by email:

Registration and costs 

Below you will find a form to digitally register your child. On the back of the brochure there is a registration form that you can fill in and hand in to your child's teacher or a JGZ employee. If you have a stork pass, you pay € 0.- if you do not have this pass, then you pay € 20.-