About us


Balans in bewegen is a practice for exercise therapy, child exercise therapy and sports exercise therapy. Practice also specializes in sensory processing disorder, running therapy and pelvic therapy.

We work from the beautiful building on Scheveningseweg 72, but therapy on location is often an option. There is collaboration with the Archipelschool, the Annie M.G. Schmidtschool, the Elout, the general hindoe primary school, the Groen van Prinstererschool (Katwijk), the Tweemaster primary school, the Meerpaal primary school and het Palet primary school. We also operate from the Prins Willem Alexanderschool (Katwijk). 


Elise Kramer is a kinetics therapist, pediatric kinetics therapist and sensory processing disorder therapist. Since January 1st, 2013, she has been the practice holder.

Elise treats children from 0-18 years and works together with all kinds of disciplines. Elise works at the practice on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday she also treats children from the Groen van Prinsterschool.

Elise is an enthusiastic and committed therapist. She thinks it is a challenge to let children discover their own possibilities and to guide parents in this process. When a child has achieved something, this can make her smile for the rest of the day. She is a source of information for all kinds of questions about motor skills and exercise and she gives workshops and presentations on this subject with great pleasure.

Elise is married and mother of Nina (2011), Eva (2013) and David (2017). She likes running and enjoys organizing dinner parties for friends and family. Also she coaches the football team of her eldest daugther.

Milan Absil is a kinetics therapist (methode 'Mensendieck) and works sinds 2020 at the practice. From Tuesday's till Friday's he works athe the Archipelschool, Eloutschool, Tweemaster and Meerpaal. On Wednesday's and Friday's afteroon he works at the Scheveningseweg. On Monday's he is studying for his Master Pediatric Physiotherapy. 

Milan finds it a challenge to work with the children in a creative, fun and educational way to achieve their goals. 

Besides his work as a excercise therapist Milan likes to be on the hockey field. He plays in the first team of Ring Pass Delft. 

Eveline van de Ven is a kinetics therapist and has been working in practice since 2018.

Eveline is a cheerful, creative and sporty therapist. She thinks it is a challenge to give people a positive exercise experience and to help them get to know their own body.

Eveline gives various pregnancy courses in both Dutch and English. She also gives group lessons to teenagers and the elderly. Eveline works at the Scheveningseweg on Mondays and Thursdays and at the Doctor Kuyperstraat on Tuesdays and Fridays

In addition to Cesar kinetics therapy, Eveline has also done a dance academy. In her free time she likes to knit and sew, play boardgames with friends or enjoy the nature in the Hague

Janneke Jonker has been working as a children's kinetics therapist since 2007 and has been working at Balans in Bewegen since 2019. Her working days are Tuesday to Friday, she works at the practice, at the Annie M.G. Schmidt school and at the primary school het Palet.

Janneke performs diagnostics and individual treatments for children aged 0-18. She is also specialized in sensory stimulation processing and preferred postures in babies. She also provides group lessons and workshops / training. Janneke experiences the diversity in this work as challenging and inspiring.

Janneke is an energetic and skilled therapist. She enjoys the accessible care, which means that children learn something playfully. Helping children to go a step further in their development in a relatively short period of time remains a special task. Her own passion for sports and exercise comes in handy here.

Janneke lives in The Hague and in her free time she likes to sport on the beach with beach volleyball or (kite) surfing.

Bart Duivenvoorden is a kinetics therapist and has been working at Balans in Bewegen since 2021. He works on Wednesday’s and Friday’s at the primary schools Willem van Veen and Groen van Prinsterer in Katwijk and primary school Zuidwal in the Hague.

Bart really loves to sport, you can always ask him for a game of basketball, football, table tennis of some other activity. Because of his passion for sport, Bart wants to enthuse kids to be active and learn them new skills. Nothing is more beautiful for Bart then to see a big smile on a child’s face when they achieve a new milestone.

Bart lives in Leiden and works also as ‘neighbourhood sport coach’ in Noordwijk.

Lauran Zwart is a kinetics therapist and has been working at Balans in Bewegen since 2021. He helps children in the age of 0-18 with the challenges in motor development. He works on Monday and Thursday at the primary school for special education the Bernadus. Tuesday and Wednesday he works at primary school Annie M.G. Schmidt. Monday afternoon he works at the practice.

Lauran follow the post-HBO ‘kinderoefentherapie’ and is specializing in sensory integration. He day is complete is he sees that a child is having fun and on the same time learns new skills. He enjoys to work together with children and the energy that they give.

After work he loves to cook, go for a good run or you can find him in the fitness centre. He enjoys living in Rotterdam and likes to go fishing or have a walk in beautiful nature.


Ranjeeta Debi Tewari is a kinetics therapist since 2005, she is specialized in children therapy since 2013. She has been working at Balans in Bewegen since 2021. Since 2019 Ranjeeta is following different courses about the pelvic. She works on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at the following primary schools: Sint Jeroen, Eerste Nederlandse Montesorrischool, Bernadusschool and Algemene Hindoestaanse basisschool’. Tuesday’s afternoon she is at the practice.

Ranjeeta helps children with problems in their motor development. Besides that she is seeing woman with pelvic problems, sometimes related to pregnancy.

After work she enjoys here two young children and she love to practice the Indian classic dance ‘Baharata Natyam’.